This is a community website which contains several web pages, many images and much information about the Parish of Tillington in West Sussex. For this reason it is impractical to make the website responsive to devices other than desktops and laptops. The website is best viewed on laptops, and desktops with smaller screens. For large screens e.g. iMac 27-inch the design will be improved by reducing the size of the screen with the double-headed corner arrows.  For iPad users click this symbol          when displayed for an alternative image without animation.
The original website contained current information together with several pages of the history of the parish and our family history records.  The latter proved very popular and therefore we have decided to move all the historical information, images and records to a dedicated website (tillington archives) which should be easier to navigate. Use the links below to enter the updated parish website or the archives.  Please be aware that some functions may not operate at the present time but over the next two weeks we will try to get everything working correctly.
You have reached the new website for the Parish of Tillington in West Sussex