The Seasons of a Parish DVD contains over 200 images which have been set to music and motion to provide a stunning journey through the seasons of Tillington Parish, lying beneath the South Downs in West Sussex, England. The classical music has be chosen to reflect each season and our beloved Downs may be seen in the background of several images.  All the photographs were taken with the Parish and form probably the most relaxing DVD you will ever need.

Whether you have any connection to our Parish or not, you are sure to enjoy this DVD and it makes and ideal present.
The Seasons of a Parish
The DVD has a menu of the four seasons:

1. Winter Wonderland
is a walk through Tillington and Upperton on the morning of Wednesday 6 January 2010, following the 'great snow' of the night before.  For several days the Parish was virtually isolated by the heavy snow, but it provided some magnificent scenery.

2. The Promise of Spring
takes the viewer from early February through to May showing emerging bulbs, flowers and shrubs throughout the Parish.

3. A Parish Summer
is another gentle walk through the Parish, this time in high summer with views of the wonderful houses, cottages and gardens at their best.

4. Autumn's Bounty
shows many of the wonderful local views and abundance of nature's gifts within the fields, hedgerows and gardens.
This slide show is only for illustrative purposes, it does not reflect the motion of the DVD and it is without music.
THE COST OF THE DVD IS £6.00 INCLUDING UK POST AND PACKAGING.  OVERSEAS POSTAGE WILL  BE CHARGED AT COST. Use the Contact Us  button to purchase the DVD or to request further information.