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This outstandingly beautiful walk through the parish covers a distance of approximately 1.5 miles (one hour) and begins at Tillington Village Hall where there is a car park. There are no steep climbs on the walk, but during the winter months some stretches may be rather muddy.  You will see unsurpassed views of the South Downs and there is an ever changing natural flora throughout the area ranging from wild rhododendrons to tiny Scarlet Pimpernels.  For clarity the walk is divided into two sections each with its own map and description.  Clicking on the numbered circles will give the view at that point.
A Rural Walk
Parish Walk Map 1 (not to scale)

Leaving the car park turn left along the main road. A recommended diversion at this point is to visit the 900 year old All Hallows' Church with it's impressive Scots Crown surmounting the tower.

Return along the church path, admiring the new gates in memory of Canon Christopher Biddell, hand made by the skilled craftsmen of the Leconfield Estate.

Cross the road and turn left on to the Causeway, which runs just beneath the Horse Guards Inn(1). Follow this round until it merges with Cemetery Lane and continue along this lane (west) as far as the Lychgate (2). Note the old Manor House  (14thC) on the left just before reaching the Lychgate.

Pass through the Lychgate into the Cemetery and follow the path to the bottom (snowdrops cover this area in late winter).  Turn right along the lime tree-lined path to the brick arch (1863) and pass through the small wooden gate.

Cross directly over the lane on to the signed public footpath.  Follow this path diagonally across the Glebe field, rising slightly to the top.  Half way along turn to admire the church tower behind you.  At the top of the path there is a vineyard, bear left (west) along the track between the two sections of vines when you will see magnificent uninterrupted views of the South Downs (3).
Parish Walk Map 2 (not to scale)

Continue along this track until you meet a small tarmac lane. Cross the lane diagonally, down some steps, to an old drover's road and up the other side.  Pass through a broken wooden gate and follow the track along the hedgerow (more stunning views). Pass through a second large wooden gate and immediately turn right and continue up the footpath (north) as it rises alongside another vineyard. After approximately 100 yards you will see a wooden gate close in to the hedge on your right. Pass through it and follow the rising path adjacent to a small meadow.  At the top turn right along a grassed area and continue down a slight incline to the top of the old drover's road which is now surfaced with tarmac. Bear left up the hill and continue to the centre of the hamlet of Upperton.

Turn right along the main street (note all the attractive cottages in this area) as it descends towards Petworth Park.  Soon you will see a footpath on the left on which to walk safely. After passing Park House you will see a short track leading down to an entrance into the park.  Continue along the roadside pavement until you reach the Tillington Recreation reach the Tillington Recreation Ground. Cross over to this area, taking time to explore the splendid views (lots of seats and a children's playground), or better still have a picnic.

On leaving the Recreation Ground return to the footpath and descend the hill into Tillington village with the old wall of Petworth Park on your left.  Soon you will be able to see the church once again before arriving back at the Village Hall.  As you arrive look at Park Terrace opposite, a row of charming Grade II listed cottages.
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