Tour of Britain 2014
Saturday 13th September 2014 -           The day the Tour of Britain
Cycle Race came
to Tillington
Stage 7 of the Tour of Britain, on Saturday 13th September was from Camberley to Brighton. It was not long before the rider were making their way on to the A272 and heading towards the South Downs and Tillington. The leading five riders swept into the village at 11.31am.  By this time they had opened a gap of five minutes on the following peleton.  This impressive crocodile of riders, on their very expensive 'bikes', arrived to much acclaim at 11.36am but just 15 seconds later they had disappeared round the right hand bend adjacent to Tillington House. 

The support cars, festooned with spares bikes closed the show and our section of the A272 was opened to traffic once again.  The show lasted only a few minutes but it was a fantastic, perhaps never to be repeated, spectacle.  It is hoped that the images below provide a sense of the atmosphere that we all enjoyed on that very special Saturday in September.
They must be coming now